Re: Looking for Caribbean films...

Virginia Chapman (
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 15:46:55 +0000

Can anyone help with these Caribbean titles? Many thanks in advance...

1. The Harder They Come, made by **Percy Henzell (I don't think I have his
name quite right.) An excellent Reggae music film, made for a
popular>audience, but better & better each time

2. Simeon, by **Euzhan Palcy also.

3. Sarah Maldoror is Martiniquean, and made a film about Cesaire (don't
remember title), as well as a film about Angolan Reevolution called
4. **Sambizanga.
She married the number 2 man in the MPLA, in Angola, and the film is
strongly tilted
towards their cause. Excellent film, based on novel by Luandino Vieira.


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