Re: Request for info about video series

pmeans (
Thu, 19 Sep 96 12:23:22 EST

I purchased on of the programs from Churchill Films a few years ago.
If they no longer distribute it then maybe they will know who does. I
have there address as 662 North Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
90069, (213) 657-5110.

Pat Means
Austin College
Educational Media Center
Sherman, TX 75090

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Subject: Request for info about video series
Author: at internet
Date: 9/19/96 9:31 AM


We are interested in purchasing a series of 10 videos called "The Day
the Universe Changed". The series was produced by RKO Pictures and
BBC-TV, and is distributed by Churchill Films (1986). Can anyone
supply information about vendors which have this series available, and
also the price of the series?