Video titles available?

Nancy Grayum (
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 09:20:21 -0700 (PDT)

Please let me know if these title are available for loan
or for rent, and how I could go about booking them for use
fall quarter.

Info thus far tells me that some of these are in libraries, but
not RENTAL libraries.

We hope to find these available in 1/2" vhs or 16mm, but even
knowing about 3/4" possibilites would be helpful.

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Nancy Grayum, Academic Technology Consultant
Western Washington University
Bellingham WA 98225-9094

1. Early Japan (Series: Japan, The Living Tradition, 3,4) 60 min
(Great Plains Natl)
2. They who step on the tail of the tiger (60 min)---
Tora no o o fuma otokotachi (International Historic
Films, 1985)
3. Discovery of the "Pure Land" (45 min) (NHK, 1989)
4. Histories in Japan (60 min) Stanford Alumni Assoc, 1991

And for a different class:

1. Korea: The Rich Heritage (29 min) Centron Productions
2. An Initiation "kut" for a Korean Shaman (37 min)
Univ Hawaii Press, 1991)
3.Taoist Vision (60 min) Stanford Alumni Assoc 1991
4. Confucianism: the social as sacred (60 min) Stanford
Alumni Assoc 1991
5.The art gallery in the desert [Silk Road Series] (55 min)
Central Park Media, 1990
6.The meeting of the gods and the Buddha (45 min) NHK 1989
(Japan Spirit and Form #2)

Thanks in advance...... Nanc