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<< I have a set of 3/4" Nova programs in our collection that was
purchased commercially from Time-Life video in the early to
mid-80s. I'm trying to get VHS copies of the
programs that are still being requested >>


Vide-O-Go, Inc. / That's Infotainment! offer the following NOVA programs
through our distribution arrangements with WGBH:

Nova: Flood! - Relive one of the greates flood disasters - the Mississippi
River in Summer 1993 - and explore the problem of taming the mightiest river.
$19.95 60 minutes.

Nova: Treasures Of The Great Barrier Reef - Swim through a day in the life of
Australia's greatest natural wonder, and view the undersea world's brilliant
colors and extraordinary inhabitants. $19.95 60 minutes.

Nova: Lightning! - Join an adventurous investigation into the source of
lightning, nature's most dazzling and dangerous display, and witness nature's
electrifying light show set to music. $19.95 60 minutes.

Nova: Nature's Fury - Witness the awesome power of nature in a special 3
volume set, then travel with the "storm chasers" into danger in an effort to
better understand and predict these extraordinary cataclysms. Special 3
video set includes: "Hurricane!" / "Lightning" / "Killer Quake" $49.95 180

Nova: Kidnapped By UFOs? - Delve into this remarkable phenomenon, hear
eye-witness accounts and learn what lies behind the incredible claims of UFO
abductions. $19.95 60 minutes.

NOVA: Ebola - The Plague Fighters - The Ebola virus and its devastating
impact is profiled as you travel behing the quarantine line with NOVA and the
scientists battling to contain this most deadly of viruses. $19.95 60

NOVA: Anastasia - Dead Or Alive? - Investigate the massacre of Tsar Nicholas
and his family, and evaluate whether modern science has resolved the mystery
surrounding Princess Anastasia. $19.95 60 minutes.

NOVA: Hunt For The Serial Arsonist - Trail along with fire sleuths as they
discover the mysterious source of a series of L.A. store fires, and capture a
surprising suspect filmed by NOVA. $19.95 60 minues.

Additional titles available in the NOVA series include (please e-mail us
directly for further information and synopsis of those that interest you)...

B-29: Frozen In Time
War Machines Of Tomorrow
Terror In The Minefields
Killer Quake!
The Shape Of Things
In Search Of Human Origins
Little Creatures Who Run The World
Daredevils Of The Sky
This Old Pyramid
Aircraft Carrier
Mysterious Crash Of Flight 201
Countdown To The Invisible Universe
Death Of A Star
Eclipse Of The Century
Rescue Mission In Space
Warriors Of The Amazon
Nomads Of The Rainforest
The Bermuda Triangle
UFOs: Are We Alone?
What's New About Menopause
Life's First Feelings
Mystery Of The Senses
The Making Of A Doctor
Universe Within
The Miracle Of Life
Siamese Twins
All-American Bear
Animal Imposters
Mystery Of The Animal Pathfinders
Rescuing Baby Whales
Private Lives Of Dolphins

All videos are one hour with an MSRP of $19.95. Hope this helps!

Wishing you continued success...

Dean W. Stevens, ceo
Vide-O-Go, Inc. / That's Infotainment! Multimedia Learning Center
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