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scott allen (
Mon, 16 Sep 96 15:06:04 -0500

As a one man media department, I can certainly understand the dilemma in
which you find yourself. Unfortunately, 3/4" video seems to last about as
long as the professors who demand to show the same tape every year for the
last two decades. Since you have tried all resonable measures, it seems
you have two options:
1, transfer the tapes onto 1/2" video and document your attempts to locate
the copyright holders or
2, To tell your media people to shut up and do their job in supporting the
university. If the machines are old buy a new one (Ijust had to and they
are not cheap). If the tapes keep jamming the machines then make sure they
clean them after every use.

I did have to transfer some 3/4" to 1/2" several years ago. They were not
Nova programs but they were put out by WGBH. After going through various
levels of the station I finally got a person to tell me that they really
did not care what we did with tapes that were that old. I documented whom
I had spoken to and when and then I made my transfer. I would definitely
like to here about other librarians attempts and resolving their transfer

>As a newcomer to the list, I hope I'm not raising a question
>that's been gone over again and again, but here goes:
>I have a set of 3/4" Nova programs in our collection that was
>purchased commercially from Time-Life video in the early to
>mid-80s. With our campus on the verge of phasing out all
>3/4" classroom showings, I'm trying to get VHS copies of the
>programs that are still being requested (two in particular are
>_Aging: The Methuselah Syndrome_ and _To Live Until You Die_).
>I've contacted everyone I can think of, including WGBH, and no
>one seems to sell them anymore, nor can anyone tell me who holds
>the rights now. I'd be happy to simply buy the duplication rights
>so we could make 1/2" copies here if we just knew who to talk to.
>In the meantime, I've got professors requesting the use of the
>tapes, the media equipment people ready to kill me for making them
>set up old equipment to run tapes that are shedding oxide and
>jamming the machines, and I'm stuck in the middle.
>Any suggestions? Anyone out there dealt with these issues (the Nova
>tapes in particular or the 3/4"-to-1/2" replacement) before and have
>any advice?
>Thanks in advance --
>Jay Rozgonyi
>Multi-Media Services Librarian
>Ithaca College
>Ithaca, NY

Scott Allen
Media Librarian
Midwestern State University