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Stan Diamond (
Fri, 13 Sep 1996 17:09:52 -0400

POV is the name of a series which has been running during the summer only
for the past eight years on PBS. Each installment in the series has its own
The letters stand for Point of View and the concept of the series was to
provide a venue for independent documentary film makers with works that
fall outside of the spectrum of normal broadcast television to be seen. I
think the series originated with WNET in NYC, but PBS should have info on
POV has a web presence at This would
be a good starting point. However, since most of the films are produced by
independent filmakers, they are usually not distributed by PBS. Good luck

>Hello All,
>We are looking for information on a videotape
> entitled: "P.O.V."
>The professor cannot remember what the abbreviations stand for.
>All we know is that it is a videotape about urban transportation that
>was shown on public television. We have checked those sources and
>cannot locate it.
>Any help would be appreciated,
>Beth Traylor
>Library Media
>Golda Meir Library

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