Re: Duplication of Out of Print Video

Kino International (
Mon, 9 Sep 1996 18:00:34 -0500

My goodness I can not believe we are more or less in agreement on this.
Common logic dictates that you can not copy videos just in case they might
get lost or detoriate ( or at least you can not do it legally) as for ones
that are on deaths door, I still have trouble accepting that section 108
refers to this. Just what is " fair market" VIdeo Oyster carries out of
print titles ranging from $10 to $1500. Is anything that costs more than
its original price not " fair market". This surely is not the case with out
of print books which can be very costly. I think everyone realizes that it
is very unlikely anyone would sue, but if they did, especially if it were a
major studio, I suspect they would win any case in which someone duplicated
their copywrited material.

Jessica Rosner

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