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<< I'm trying to locate the company which puts out this video.
Not to be mistaken with a 3-part series by a similar name, this is a
2-cassette set called "Great American speeches: 80 years of
political oratory," produced by Parker Payson. The publisher is
listed as Pieri & Spring Productions, and I can't find them. Does
anyone know where they are, or where else I might find this video? >>


Vide-O-Go / That's Infotainment! Multimedial Learning Center carries what
you're looking for...

Narrated by former White House press sec Jody Powell, this is the mosrt
complete videotape of American speeches ever created... 35 speeches are
presented from Teddy Roosevelt to the present... 2 tape set... 240 minutes...
$39.95. copyright 1995.

For ordering information or to set up a house account, please contact me

Wishing you continued success...

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