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re: ONE MAN'S MULTINATIONAL - LCA's phone number is (800) 323-5343. You
might also want to contact the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto (416)979-7799.

re: The Hudson's Bay Co. - There is a title called THE HUDSON'S BAY NORTHERN
ADVENTURE, 1987. It deals with personnel recruitment in the Arctic. The
distributor is Cotter Wildlife Films in Winnipeg (204) 257-0471.



>Subject: Video search
>We need help in locating two videos that a faculty member herard about
>at a conference.
>The first is on the BATA shoe company--a history of how it deals with
>the different cultures where its company is found. Is there another title
>besides ONE MAN'S MULTINATIONAL? This video was from the
>Enterprise series released by Learning Corporation of America. Does
>anyone know where this can be purchased?
>The second is on the Hudson Bay Company--its history and how it has
>survived in the different cultures and changing of time.
>Thanks for the help.
>Wanda Mosley
>Mississippi College
>Clinton, MS
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