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Here are three titles for you. I believe they are available in video format
but your friend will have to do the leg work to find the distributors and
negotiate the appropriate sceening license(s).

ATTICA, 1980 is a made for TV dramatization of the uprising. It
stars Charles Durning and Morgan Freeman and was directed by Marvin J.
Chomsky. Based on Tom Wicker's book A TIME TO DIE.

TRUTH OR DIE, 1986 (video title, the TV Movie title was DOING LIFE)
Tony Danza portrays Jerry Rosenberg, the convict who earned a law degree in
jail and acted as spokesman during the uprising. Directed by Gene Reynolds.

AGAINST THE WALL, 1994 (made for cable) John Frankenheimer directed
this retelling of the riot with Kyle MacLachlan, Samuel L. Jackson and Harry
Dean Stanton in the cast.

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>With the 25th anniversary of the Attica Prison uprising here, does anyone
>know of any films/documetaries on the uprising? I have a friend who
>needs to get a hold of one or two for a commemoration in three weeks.
>Thanks, Scott M.X. Turner
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