Re: Out-of-Print Videos and Films

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Fri, 6 Sep 1996 17:42:33 -0500

Well of course I am an Evil distributor and I have seen Gary disagree on
this, but I see no legal justification for copying a video without the
express written permission of the rights holder. Thousands of tapes go out
of distribution for a variety of reasons. but nearly all are still under
copywrite so copying is illegal. Just imagine copying a Disney title since
most of the animated ones are released in cycles with most being out of
print at any given time. I am sure Disney would sue over this ( if they
knew). It is important to remember that these videos are still copywrited
and owned by someone.

Now if you are asking if you would get caught doing it, I sincerely doubt
it, but you asked what was legal.

I am sure Gary or Becky or someone will come up with an opposing view.

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