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The news is not good. Leon Bibb is listed in many Canadian and international
sources as having only performed in one Canadian film: DEAD WRONG, 1981. His
other films are STAGE STRUCK, 1958; FOR LOVE OF IVY, 1968; UPTIGHT, 1968;

It's possible that HOW WOULD YOU FEEL is an industrial film and was never
commercially distributed. My only suggestion is to check with the National
Library of Canada's Legal Deposit Office at (819) 997-9565. If they have no
record of it I would contact ACTRA and see whether Leon Bibb is a member and
whether they have a complete filmography on file.

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>Hi everyone!!
>I don't have very much info on this title I'm looking for except that the
>title is "How would you feel" it was made in the 1970's, may be a Canadian
>production, and stars a Canadian by the name of Leon Bibb.
>Can anyone help me find distributor, or have any info to lead me in the
>right direction? We've been looking for this for years!!
>Thanks in advance,
>Robert Hooft
>Justice Institute of British Columbia
>Library - A/V section
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