Oh Rhonda, I don't want to rub against the grain on this

Philip Fryer (PDF@mailgate.loyola.edu)
Thu, 05 Sep 1996 08:08:08 -0400

Oh Rhonda, I don't want to rub against the grain on this one, and I believe a simple posted policy is prudent, but I
have to say that we have allowed children to use our playback facilities without serious incident in ten years. It is
very rare that children are troublesome to us. Their parents can be. But we deal with them. Parents who "park"
their children in front of a tv or a monitor/vcr are an occasionally unfortunate reality here, particularly since we are
next door neighbors to the periodicals and microforms collections - with ILL down the hall. Grad students and
faculty gravitate to our level, and sometimes they have children. That reality is inescapable. Too restrictive
policies may make life simpler for av staffs, but may also deny the importance of our collections. I have heard the
screams of delight from many a child in our av center. Censorious reactions to the changing college/university
communities (check the demographics for academia) should be resisted. A moderate approach should be

But what do I know?:-)

Philip Fryer
Loyola/Notre Dame Library