re: latchkey kids in academic libs

Lesley Skinner (
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 11:45:23 +0000 (MUT)

There are some serious issues involved here,
not the least is watching films which have " parental guidance
recommended" or similar census ratings. we don't have anything written,
but probably should have.
We have written notices stating that viewing for study purposes has first
priority for use of the equipment, but it is difficult to enforce.
University Melbourne Library
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>From, on 4/09/96 9:31 AM:

lately, we have been noticing that grad. students and staff
have been setting their kids up in the media dept. armed with
enough videos (ours and theirs) to last through a 3 hour class,
or sadly, an 8 hour workday.

do any of you ACADEMIC libraries have written policies about
unattended children in the library? my boss is mostly concerned
about the liability and risk involved and i am of course concerned
with the kids working the equipment.

any information will be appreciated - either on the list or to
me directly. THANKS,

rhonda rosen
loyola marymount university