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Stan Diamond (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 12:07:13 -0400 (EDT)

>Hello All,
>We are looking to rent the videotape entitled :
>Menopause: Our Shared Experience (or Vision).
>Any help would be appreciated.
>Thank you in advance
>Beth Traylor
>Library Media
>Golda Meir Library
Penn state has the following titles available:

1 Menopause: Living the Change VH 93 CA 30 FML 37205 V
2 Menopause: Myths and Realities VH 80 CA 22 PERED 24226 V
3 Menopause: Passage to Paradise VH 96 CA 24 FFHS 37343 V

below is the full description of the most recent of the three...

Title Menopause: Passage to Paradise (37343)
Physical Color; sound
Copyrighted 1996
Length 24:00 min
Distributor Films for Humanities and Sciences (FFHS)
Audience CA

Synopsis Explores the process of menopause through interviews with
women who have experienced it, some of whom describe this
physiological change as uneventful and others who found it
very difficult. A husband and wife discuss the stressful
menopause that she is experiencing and her spouse speaks
frankly about its impact on him. Also explains the medical
facts related to this "passage" and answers typical
questions that are asked about it by women.

Subjects Women -- History and issues; Human sexuality; Physiology;
Biology; Aged and aging; Mental health; Women's Studies(CWMN);
PCR(CPCR); Health Sciences(CHLT)

Holdings VHS, 1 copy, Rent $12.00

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