Re: A search request
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 22:30:31 -0400

Naomi, Hi it's Elena Wayne. Its been a while since we chatted. I have a
search request for you. Its actually not video related. I am doing a
genealogical search for my roots! My Grandmother and Grandfather came from a
town in Grodna Poland, Russia, Belarus, Whatever!!! the borders kept
changing. Actually the town was Antopol & a little village outside called
"Derevnoye". I know my brother actually saw a memorial to Antopol when he
was visiting our cousins in Israel years ago. I didn't have time my last
visit. I was wondering if the University has a E-mail address of someone who
could help with my search. If you can't help me I'll understand. After all
we generally focus on video, most of our waking hours. 13 years for me in
this business!! thanks elena