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Marilyn B. Huntley (mhuntley@itsmail1.hamilton.edu)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 08:18:13 -0400

I apologize for the cross-posting. This request has gone unanswered for 2
weeks on another list, so now I'll give you folks the "opportunity" to help

I've had wonderful help from you in the past, so I have high hopes that
there are miracles out there once again. A professor of Asian History is
asking me to find out about availability of several movies. Does anyone
know where I could buy a video, or rent a video or 16mm film of these?

The Heroic Trio

Sam and Me

Song of Exile (the Internet Movie Database lists this with alternate title
"Ketu Quihen", director Ann Hui, Hong Kong 1990)

Peking Opera Blues (IMDb lists it as directed by Tsui Hark, Hong Kong 1986)

Salaam Bombay (directed by Mira Nair, India 1988. This one I've rented
several times from Facets, where it's listed as out of print, but might
there be somewhere on a shelf a leftover copy for purchase?)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
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