Announcement of conference: Online Audiovisual Catalogers
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 14:24:23 -0500

Howdy one and all.

There is still space available for the Online
Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC) 1996 Conference "The
Audiovisual Commons and the Electronic Future."
Radisson Hotel and Eagle Point Golf Club
Denton, Texas (35 miles north of Dallas/Ft. Worth)
October 2-5, 1996

Registration is only $100.00 for both members and non-members!!!

Registration includes catered breaks, luncheon, and reception with
jazz band.

For more information contact: Sharon Almquist, Media Library,
University of North Texas, Denton, TX 76203-0188; 817-565-4702;

Features keynotes and hands-on workshops for people doing audiovisual

Workshops (you may attend four of them):
Sound Recordings Cataloging (Jay Weitz)
Video Cataloging: the Basics (Richard L. Harwood)
Video Cataloging: Beyond the Basics (Diane Boehr)
Cataloging Internet Resources (Sue Neumeister)
Works of Art: An Art Educator's Wish List (Nancy Walkup)
Representing Moving Images: Providing Access to Both Content and
Container (Abby Goodrum)
NEM Online (Laurel Jizba)
Interactive Multimedia Cataloging (Laurel Jizba, Ann Sandberg-Fox)
Toys, Games, Kits (Nancy B. Olson)
Map Cataloging (Catherine Gerhart, Anke Gray)
Archives and Photography Cataloging (Richard Pearce-Moses)
Computer Files Cataloging (Allene F. Hayes, Tricia Van Ryn)
Outsourcing of Audiovisual Cataloging (Doina Farkas)

The Library of Congress and the Audiovisual Commons (Barbara B.
Cataloging Internet Resources: Findings and Futures (Erik Jul)
From Dishwasher to Chef in the AV Commons: Serving Up "Uncommon Fare
(Sheila Intner)

Come join us y'all!!!