Re: Rental of I.Q. Myth

Daniel Bickley (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 11:31:51 -0700

Our rental library carries "The I.Q. Myth," though only in 16mm. I don't
know about the other titles. If you're interested in renting this in 16mm,
you can call our booking dept. at 510-642-0460 or fax them at 510-643-9271.

Daniel Bickley
University of California Extension
Center for Media and Independent Learning
2000 Center Street, Fourth Floor
Berkeley, CA 94704
510-642-1340; fax 510-643-9271
>I am having trouble locating sources from which I can rent the following =
>documentaries: Dr. Spock (Audiovisual/1952); Introduction to Neurology =
>(The Service/1938); The Lynchburg Story ( Worldview Pictures/1993); I.Q. =
>Myth (CBS/1975). I would be very appreciative for any suggestions. =
>Thank you
>Susan Levene