open shelves for videos

Robert Hooft (
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 12:41:49 -0700


We have appoximately 3500 video titles on our open stacks. These videos are
all separate from the print collection, but are accessible by all who come
in. We have a 3M security system and find that it works very well (no
losses in four years). There are special 3M strips you can buy that are safe
for videos and audio cassettes. Also, you must purchase a special
video/audio sensitizer and desensitizer. It sounds awkward but really is
not after using it for a while (both units are quite small and do not
require electricity). All our staff are very conscience of not putting the
videos near the print checkout as this will erase the video (one $400.00
loss taught us a good lesson very fast!).

Robert Hooft
Justice Institute of B.C.
New Westminster, British Columbia
Library - A/V section