OPen Shelving and Classing of Videos

Thu, 08 Aug 1996 10:36:22 PST

I think there must be a major difference in the mission of the public
library and the academic library with regard to media. We don't have
the dollars to buy 2 copies of popular titles. We have approx, 3500
video titles and 2500 film titles, plus CDs, CD-ROMs, audiocassettes,
etc. The videos and films have been purchased over the years primarily
for curriculum support. We have a booking system for faculty. We
would have a civil war if we put the videos on the open shelves for
any patron to check out. I wish I could say we have "trained" every
faculty member to make all reservations well in advance of use, but
such is not the case. Probably 50% of our circulation is to spur-of
the-moment faculty checkout. Also, many of our titles are pricey. The
average student patron probably couldn't afford to replace a lost or
damaged title. We "page" our collection, file it in accession number
order, and allow faculty to come in the back and browse if they want.
Faculty and staff may check out all materials overnight, students may
check out feature films (we only buy classic domestic and foreign titles)
CDs, audiocassettes, CD-ROMs, and slides. The only way students can
check out curriculum support videos and films is with a letter from a
faculty member who is willing to assume responsibility.