Open shelving and classing of videos

Suzanne Risley (
Wed, 07 Aug 1996 15:40:27 -0400

First, many thanks to all who helped with advice on 16mm renting and
purchasing. Your supporting statements were very helpful. I now am turning
my attention to new facilities planning, and I wanted to poll people about
their open shelving and classing of videos. Our videocassette collection
(around 2500 titles at present) is housed in closed stacks and arranged by
accession number. Our sound recordings, which are in a separate building,
are in open stacks (have been for nearly 20 years) and are classed according
to a Library of Congress-like scheme. We are planning for a library
expansion, and sound recordings will join videos and other non-print
materials in a new space as a result. The space will be a self-contained
unit within the library with its own security system. I am contemplating
open shelving for the videos, but I also think that if we do this we ought
to class them in some way that will facilitate shelf browsing. The videos
circulate outside the library to faculty and students and are heavily used,
both for reserves and for recreational viewing. Having to page non-rserve
videos is becoming a chore, and if we have been successful with sound
recordings (without a secruity system in place, mind you), can we not expect
the same measure of success with videos? We would have to tattletape
them--I have a vague recollection that there was discussion about this on
the list at some point. Is it safe to tattletape the videos themselves? Is
it worth the trouble to re-class them.

Many thanks in advance, again, for your advice on this!

Suzanne Risley

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