video-Talking 9 to 5

Ann Denton (Theresa_Kenkel@Douglas.BC.CA)
Thu, 1 Aug 96 9:05:40 PDT

Colleen Murphy was looking for "Talking 9 to 5" which was seen on a
television news show. I don't know where it aired, but it's available in
Canada from International Tele-film for a mere $1,095 (educational price

In the USA, you could try Charthouse International Learning Corp.
221 River Ridge Circle
Burnsville, MN 55337

Phone (612) 890-1800
Fax (612) 890-0505

The 1995 video is 29 minutes long. It concerns the communication barriers that
arise between men and women due to their different conversational styles
which causes their words to be misinterpreted. Advice is given on dealing
with this problem. It's business oriented. Includes a guide.

I haven't seen it so I can't give a personal recommendation.