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Ostroski (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 15:57:12 -0400 (EDT)

May I suggest you do an alta vista search with the words "high altitude
physiology". You will get many links included in them are some research
links about the subject. They may be in the best possible position to
suggest alternatives for you. Good Luck. M. Ostroski

On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, deg farrelly wrote:

> Cross posted to Media-L and Videolib. Apologies for duplication.
> I have a faculty member looking for media on the long term physiological
> effects of high altitude. The only title I have been able to find that
> comes even close to fitting his request is this (summary from Variety
> Video Directory).
> Partners for Life: The Human Heart & Lungs, 2 cass.
> Examines the natural engineering that makes the human heart &
> lungs function well, what happens when they don't & steps to take
> to maintain good health over a normal lifespan. Part 1 - Physiology:
> the close working relationship between heart & lungs, blood/gas
> transport system, regulating oxygen & carbon dioxide levels, acclim-
> atization to high altitude & physiological changes from exercise.
> This video is distributed by Educational Images in Elmira, New York.
> A phone call to them revealed that this is not one of their own
> titles. They will not provide a preview copy and they will not
> permit a purchase with return privileges. When asked who the
> original producer/distributor is the response was they "do not
> know".
> Does anyone have information on another distributor for this title,
> *or* (even better) alternative suggestions?
> Thanx for you help!
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