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Penn State has both of the series you seek in its rental collection. I
have included the catalog entry for one part of each series below. "60's"
is a six part series and "Vietnam" is a 13 part series. If you would like
to rent any of these titles, you may call the 800 # below. You can access
our catalog on-line through the URL listed below also.


> I am looking for a source to purchase the video series MAKING SENSE OF
> THE 60'S. PBS no longer distributes this series and I have not found
> it in any of my other resourses.

Title Making Sense of the '60s: 1 -- Seeds of the '60s (61427)
Physical Color; sound
Copyrighted 1991
Length 57:00 min
Distributor PBS Video (PBS)
Audience SCA

Synopsis This series of six programs examines the significance of
the largest youth rebellion in American history, using
archival footage and interviews with those who participated
in the counterculture protest movements of the 1960s, those
on the sidelines, and those who were enraged and confused
by the activists. The first program looks at the political
and social context in which the generation of the '60s grew
up, identifying factors that led to later dissent. Narrated
by Carol Rissman. Produced by WETA, Washington, for PBS.

Subjects History, U.S.: 1945-1975; History & Politics(CHST);

Holdings VHS, 1 copy, Rent $12.00

> Also, I a looking for the video TELEVISIONS VIETNAM: A VISUAL HISTORY
> for rent or purchase. Does anyone have information on this? I found
> this listed on the MEDIA ONE CD catalog but am not sure what VPI
> stands for.

Title Vietnam: A Television History, 1 -- Roots of War (60449)
Sort Vietnam a Television History 01
Physical Color; sound
Copyrighted 1983
Length 60:00 min
Distributor Films Incorporated (FI)
Audience SCA

Synopsis Traces the legacy of conflict in Vietnam from the first
century A.D., when the Trung sisters led a rebellion
against Chinese domination, through the development of the
Vietnamese revolutionary movement and the intense political
struggles during and following World War II. Focuses on the
rising political career of Ho Chi Minh, who declared
Vietnam's independence from France in 1945. Correspondent:
Stanley Karnow. Produced for PBS by WGBH. Emmy Award winner.

Subjects Asia; Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975; War and society; Vietnam;
History & Politics(CHST); Sociology(CSOC)

Holdings VHS, 1 copy, Rent $19.00>
> Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give me.
> Pat Means
> Austin College
> Sherman, TX

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