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Mon, 29 Jul 1996 13:46:08 -0700 (MST)

Cross posted to Media-L and Videolib. Apologies for duplication.

I have a faculty member looking for media on the long term physiological
effects of high altitude. The only title I have been able to find that
comes even close to fitting his request is this (summary from Variety
Video Directory).

Partners for Life: The Human Heart & Lungs, 2 cass.

Examines the natural engineering that makes the human heart &
lungs function well, what happens when they don't & steps to take
to maintain good health over a normal lifespan. Part 1 - Physiology:
the close working relationship between heart & lungs, blood/gas
transport system, regulating oxygen & carbon dioxide levels, acclim-
atization to high altitude & physiological changes from exercise.

This video is distributed by Educational Images in Elmira, New York.
A phone call to them revealed that this is not one of their own
titles. They will not provide a preview copy and they will not
permit a purchase with return privileges. When asked who the
original producer/distributor is the response was they "do not

Does anyone have information on another distributor for this title,
*or* (even better) alternative suggestions?

Thanx for you help!


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