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Oksana Dykyj (
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 10:55:58 +0000 (HELP)

On Friday July 19, 1996 Krisine Brancolini wrote:
>Despite the commitment of our film studies faculty to showing films in class,
>they are relying on laserdiscs increasingly because they cannot find rental
>sources for the more obscure films they want to show. This is
>particularly true of foreign films used for graduate seminars. Besides,
>the cost of rental is not justified for a course with 10 students. So,
>whether we like it or not, I believe that academic departments will be
>using laserdisc or videocassette for more and more course support.

I might add that fewer and fewer films are being distributed
non-theatrically in 16mm, particularly the ones originating from the
American major studios. These films now tend to be released in 35mm and then
go to video for the home market.

At Concordia we have 5 auditoria equipped with 35mm projection (along with
16mm and video). Film studies professors actually prefer to show films in
35mm depending on availability and print condition. Our Cinema Department
has been committed to film rentals, and even though their considerable
rental budget has been seeing cuts in recent years, they still feel the
importance of showing films even in advanced seminar situations.
Interestingly enough, close to twenty years ago, (I was but a mere undergrad
here) my area had the Cinema rental budget responsibility before a correct
decision was made to give that money and all the accompanying headaches to
the rightful user. The rental costs involved are the legitimate operating
costs of running the academic program therefore they should be part of that
academic department's operating budget.

When other departments approach us about screening films they are also
required to pay for the rental and shipping charges. (Often shipping a 35mm
film will cost more than the rental itself!)
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