Re: It's a dog's world

Gary Handman ((no email))
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 16:48:28 -0700

OK...Time Out, all. I'm getting a tad tired of reiterating the policy re
uses and abuses of the videolib and videonews lists. I'm gonna try again,
so listen up:

We specifically established the videonews listserv to off-load unsolicited
product and service announcements. While many of felt that these commercial
correspondences were useful, many others wanted them out of their face.

That leaves the videolib list, which is intended to serve as a discussion
forum for topics related to video and related media, as well as a place where
we could help one another solve the sundry problems that media librarianship is
heir to... In many instances, questions are posed re the location of a
specific title or the identification of titles on a particular topic; in such
cases I feel it's perfectly appropriate for distributors to jump in.

What I think the majority of us DON'T want is crossing the line into making
videolib an online shopping channel. If subscribers want to contact one
another re the actual purchase of materials, I think it is best done off
the list.

I'd like to keep both lists as free-wheeling, fun, and useful as possible,
and I don't want to exercise my fascistic perogatives as list manager in
zapping repeat, be cool, all.

Gary Handman
UC Berkeley