16mm purchasing

Wed, 17 Jul 1996 12:43:50 PST

We, at CSUS, haven't bought a 16mm film for any reason in years, nor have
we rented. We purchase the occasional laser disk, but primarily we
purchase in videocassette and consider ourselves darn lucky to do that
considering budget cuts over the past 5 years. To purchase or rent
16mm feature films for one faculty member for one class that doesn't
even lead to a degree in the subject and, as a double insult have to own
the same thing on video is absurd. This is a medium-sized public university
of approx. 25,000 students. Our materials budget for media has been cut
to $18,500 annually. There is no way we would allow one faculty to deprive
all others of their requests by spending the lion's share of the budget.