Online Video Catalog (8,000 titles)
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 18:10:54 -0400



THEME: Immediate (Excellent resource for teachers, students, home eductors,
as well as the general public)

SUBJECT: Video/CD-ROM Learning Material Available On-Line (News Release)

J.E. Hill MultiMedia Company has announced the availability of their new
8,000 title catalog of Educational & Informational how-to-videos and CD-ROMs
on-line at their new Internet site on the World Wide eb. The site offers
full access to the best in Learning Video & CD-ROMs from the company's
extensive line. Site visitors can browse the catalog, learn more about
specific titles and topics or order directly while on-line.

According to company President, Jim Hill, Videos and CD-ROMs are quickly
becoming an essential information resource used by teachers, librarians, home
schoolers, and do-it-your-self Practitioners. Mr. Hill went on to say that
"the information super-highway is the greatest information resource ever,
having our products available there will help Internet users get the kinds of
information they want and need."

J.E. Hill Multimedia centers its marketing around the Internet catalog. The
Internet catalog is organized into dozens of subjects for people and business
of all types, interests and needs. Titles are available on subjects as
varied as Academics, Children's learning, Computers, Hobbies, Pets, Health,
and much more. Mr. Hill added, "with our on-line catalog we are able to
offer new titles constantly without the burden of printing, so we expect to
be able to provide our customers with the newest and best learning products
available, every day." See the catalog on-line at:


J.E. Hill MultiMedia