Announcement of conference: Online Audiovisual Catalogers
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 14:09:32 -0500

Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC) 1996 Conference
The Audiovisual Commons and the Electronic Future
Radisson Hotel and Eagle Point Golf Club
Denton, Texas (35 miles north of Dallas/Ft. Worth)
October 2-5, 1996

Registration before August 15, 1996: member of OLAC $85.00
non-member $95.00
registration after August 15, 1996: both members and non-members
Registration includes catered breaks, luncheon, and reception with
jazz band.

For more information contact: Sharon Almquist, University of North
Texas, Media Library. Box 5188, Denton, TX 76203; 817-565-2486;

Features keynotes and hands-on workshops for people doing audiovisual

Sound Recordings Cataloging (Jay Weitz)
Video Cataloging: the Basics (Richard L. Harwood)
Video Cataloging: Beyond the Basics (Diane Boehr)
Cataloging Internet Resources (Sue Neumeister)
Works of Art: An Art Educator's Wish List (Nancy Walkup)
Representing Moving Images: Providing Access to Both Content and
Container (Abby Goodrum)
NEM Online (Laurel Jizba)
Interactive Multimedia Cataloging (Laurel Jizba, Ann Sandberg-Fox)
Toys, Games, Kits (Nancy B. Olson)
Map Cataloging (Catherine Gerhart, Anke Gray)
Archives and Photography Cataloging (Richard Pearce-Moses)
Computer Files Cataloging (Allene F. Hayes, Tricia Van Ryn)
Outsourcing of Audiovisual Cataloging (Doina Farkas)

The Library of Congress and the Audiovisual Commons (Barbara B.
Cataloging Internet Resources: Findings and Futures (Erik Jul)
From Dishwasher to Chef in the AV Commons: Serving Up "Uncommon Fare
(Sheila Intner)

Come join us!!!