Re: Popol Vuh video

Daniel Bickley (
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 16:02:52 -0700


We distribute the video you are seeking. It is titled: "Popol Vuh: The
Creation Myth of the Maya." This has been one of our best-selling
films/videos for about five years. We have also just released a similar new
work by the same producer dealing with the Aztecs, titled "The Five Suns: A
Sacred History of Mexico."

If you'll e-mail me (directly, please, so as not to clutter the list) with
your postal mailing address, I'll get a brochure that describes both of
these films (and all our ethnographic titles) off to you straight away. If
you're in a big hurry, please call me directly at 510-642-1340; we can take
your order right over the phone.

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>A staff member is looking for a video about the Mayan people based on the
>book "Popol Vuh". I'm not sure of the title of the video. Any suggestions
>on the title and a source for the video?
>Richard Fleischer (