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Stan Diamond (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 23:36:11 -0400

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I am not familiar with the shelving you describe in your note. I have
use the Winstead compact shelving. These units are about three by 6.5 feet
and pull out by gliding on rails attached to the floor. There is still a
superstructure but this is for balance and guidance, and is therefore
probably much less substantial than a structure that would support the
weight of the shelves full of videos. The winstead shelves come in several
depths for different media. I would be interested in hearing about these
since I will be needing to standardize on some compact shelving in the near

>Cross posted to CCUMC-L and VideoLib. Apologies for duplication.
>We are considering installing Gem Track high density shelving by
>Russ Bassett for our video collection.
>This system uses tall, narrow shelves that pull out like drawers
>and glide along an overhead track.
>Comments from anyone else using this shelving system will be
>appreciated. Unless others on the list express an interest in
>this shelving as well, comments directly to me, please.
>Thanx for your help!
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