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Thu, 20 Jun 1996 14:59:15 -0700 (PDT)

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**Learn More About A/V Outsourcing for Public Libraries**

**Visit The A/V Specialists at ALA - Booth 206**

***See How You Can:
--Consolidate Orders: get the highest fill rate in the industry..
for videocassettes, laserdiscs, audiobooks, music, audio on cassette
and CD, children's read-alongs, AND NOW - CD-ROMs, from over 6,700

--Obtain Cataloging: full MARC records, produced by professionals to
AACR2 rules using LC subject and name authorities - and in full
compliance with format integration - FOR 100% OF THE ITEMS SUPPLIED.

--Obtain Every Item Custom-Processed: to your library's specifications.

--Reduce Backlogs: expedite high-demand A/V items to your patrons and
lower your costs of acquisition through cataloging and preparation.

Visit the A/V experts who supplied the opening day A/V collections for the
new San Francisco and Fort Worth Public Librarys' buildings.

Also see a demonstration of A/V Access Plus - The A/V Cataloging Problem
Solver - at Booth 206, Javits Convention Center. A/V Access Plus is the
500,000+ title A/V cataloging database available on monthly subscription
in CD-ROM. It assures the highest hit rate, the highest quality (AACR2)
cataloging and easy importation of full MARC records to virtually any
automated cataloging system.

E-mail, phone or fax us for more information, of visit us at ALA!

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