New & Cool on the UCB Web Site

Gary Handman (
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 09:14:29 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Gang!'s been awhile since I've flogged the wonders of the UCB web
site ( , so here goes. We've been working
full tilt in the last six months on several interesting new bells and
whistles which might be useful to video folk:

1. We've begun adding review and article citations whenever possible for
the titles in the MRC videographies
( More interesting
is the fact that we've been talking to various publishers re the
possibility of linking FULL TEXT reviews to MRC holdings. I'm VERY
pleased to announce that Randy Pitman (Video Librarian) and MRC have
struck up such a partnership to include selected reviews from VL from
approximately 1988-1995. For example, you can find a whole mess of these
links in MRC's African American videography We're also currently
working on similar deals with Cineaste Magazine, JumpCut, and the ABC CLIO
Video Rating Guide for Libraries (which went OP earlier this year).

We've also been hotly and heavily adding links to related webs for
specific titles (see for eg the entry for Julie Dash's "Daughters of the
Dust" in the abovementioned African American videography).

We continue to link titles in MRC videographies to information in online
distributor catalogs whenever we can. Take a look at the blue highlighted
titles in our Asian American videography, for example
('re linked to the
National Asian American Telecommunications/CrossCurrent Media catalog.

We've continued to gather links to various online distributor/producer
catalogs and stick em' on one page: check out I'd greatly
appreciate learning of sites we're missing (they seem to be popping up
every day).

Lastly, in an effort to make the MRC web a sort of metasite for UCB film
studies (am I meglomaniac, or what?), we've started soliciting the best of
student and faculty writing on topics dealing with media. We've started
by "publishing" an excellent senior thesis by Amy Kashiwabara on the
representation of Asian males in film and TV. Now here's the REALLLLY cool
part: we've also been working with the Berkeley Multimedia Research
Center to include streamed video clips in Amy's essay--in other words,
when she talks about Griffith's "Broken Blossoms", you'll actually be
able to pull up the clip she's talking about in glorious 320x240 pixels
(don't expect to get these visual goodies unless you're on the Berkeley
campus--the files are huge, and dial in is pretty impossible). We hope
that this experiment will the be prototype for similar collaborative
projects (don't ask about the copyright implications, please!)

As always, we're really interested in learning of other interesting
media-based web sites being mounted by colleagues, and we're also
interested in partnerships and collaborations which might make the MRC
web site stronger and more useful both at Berkeley and beyond.

Forward, comrades!

Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
UC Berkeley, CA 94720-6000