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Andrew Garrison (garrison@eastky.com)
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Can someone help Pam Craig? Send e-mail to her directly. Thanks.

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Carla: The majority of my students failed last year and are retaking
the class. In the past I have required students to read novels, keep
a reading log/journal, and present an alternative book report. This
year, I am having the whole class read the same novel. They will keep
a journal, answer some questions, and discuss the novel in class.
Since the journals count significantly, I find that most students will
read the novel. Of course, I don't allow students to sleep in class
so sometimes reading is a preferred alternative for them. In general,
the majority of my students will read if I give them time in class to
read. Since I value reading so much, I always allow class time for
reading. Some teachers seem amazed that my students will read for
sixty minutes or more. I think students will do what is expected. . .
and given time, they will read and enjoy it.

As an aside, I have a wonderful film - _The Raven_ starring Vincent
Price with Jack Nicholson. It is a wonderful spoof of Poe's poem. I
have been unable to find out who owns the rights to this film - I have
written to the distributor who was not particularly helpful. Any
ideas on how to go about getting permission to show this in school?


Andrew Garrison