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>I am interested in sources for videos to help
>adults learn English as their second language.
>There are a couple of titles listed in the Video
>Source Book but they are old. Can anyone on
>the list provide me with names and addresses
>of companies which have produced more
>recent videos?

Vide-O-Go / That's Infotainment! Multimedia Learning Center offers a four
tape ESL series entitled EASY ENGLISH. This series was created to help
non-native speakers learn and develop skills in speaking English. Through
the guidance of instructor Linda Lentini, students are able to capture dozens
of common expressions and colloquialisms used in the USA. The series
includes the following:

Tape #1: Meetings & Greetings - 50 minutes, $29.95 MSRP
Tape #2: Meetings & Greetings (continued) - 40 minutes, $29.95 MSRP
Tape #3: Using Numbers & Money - 45 minutes, $29.95 MSRP
Tape #4: Using Numbers & Money (continued) - 45 minutes, $29.95

We also carry a 3 volume set entitled LEARNING ENGLISH, aiding the viewer in
getting started with confidence learning English - words, numbers, days of
week, months, expressions and more - including:
Volume 1: English As A Second Language - MSRP $59.95
Volume 2: Finding A Job (ESL II) - MSRP: $59.95
Volume 3: Speak Better English (ESL III) - MSRP: $59.95
Each video comes with a Skillpak Booklet.

Hope this helps with your decision making! Wishing you continued success...
Dean W. Stevens, ceo
Vide-O-Go / That's Infotainment!
Post Office Box 2994
Princeton, NJ 08543-2994
1-800-323-VIDEO (8433)