Re: MediaNet

Stan Diamond (
Sun, 2 Jun 1996 10:26:28 -0400

>I'd be interested to hear peoples comments about Medianet also.. Or any
>other product that can controll the use of equipment, meeting rooms, ect.
Dymaxion has partnered with DRA to integrate the Medianet booking and
scheduling modules into the DRA electronic library system. We have been
using medianet for many years to schedule rental and loan of our video/film
collection worldwide, as well as scheduling rooms, equipment and operators
on the University park Campus of Penn State, which has a population of
about 39,000 students. We currently schedule about 150 equipment/media
deliveries per day in addition to scheduled pickups at our media office. So
far , the system has worked well for us and the Dymaxion folks have bee
responsive to our needs. Beth, I believe that Iowa State in Ames also uses