Video Searches

Kristine R. Brancolini (
Wed, 22 May 1996 10:10:29 -0500 (EST)

We need to purchase on video the following films. My assistant has
checked all the "usual suspects," including OCLC, RLIN, Video Source
Book, Bowker's, and Film Index International. If you know anything about
availability of any of these titles, please email me privately. Thanks!

Cremaster, by Matthew Barney
Color in Britain, by Pratibha Parmar (Also checked Women Make Movies, which
carries her other titles.)
Guelwaar, by Ousmane Sembene (This is a long-shot; I don't think he
releases anything on video.)
Jane Eyre (1970), by Delbert Mann
Macunaima (1969), by Andrade (We can only find this in Portuguese without

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries