16mm film shipping cases to donate

Roy Lewis (rcl@tenet.edu)
Tue, 21 May 1996 10:34:06 -0600

Northeast Texas Library System has a number of used plastic 16mm film
shipping cases to donate to any non-profit group willing to pay shipping
costs. The cases are used and will need some cleaning up but are in good
condition. They are available in sizes for 400 ft., 600 ft., 800 ft., 1200
ft. (single and double reel), 1600 ft., and 2000 ft. reels. Most of them
were manufactured by Plastic Reel Corp. and come in mixed colors. Shipping
costs must be prepaid by check (made to U.S. Postmaster) before cases will
be shipped. This offer is made on a first come, first served basis until
June 30, 1996.

To respond, contact the Film/Video Service, Northeast Texas Library System,
214/205-2574. Responses by telephone only, please.
214/205-2571 Garland,TX rcl@Onramp.net or rcl@tenet.edu