Searching for "Strange Landscapes"

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Sat, 18 May 1996 15:53:42 +1000 (EST)


I think the prgram you want is 'A Strange Landscape: the illumination of
the Middle Ages'. It is a 5 part series (50 mins ea.) by the BBC in
co-production with Suddeutscher Rundfunk Stuttgart and Vision TV, Canada.

Series producer is Jim Burge and the presenter is Christopher Frayling.



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Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 23:27:55 -0700
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Subject: Searching for "Strange Landscapes"

Looking for this series reportedly currently being broadcast on TV
and receiving some discussion on a medieval history listserv:

Strange Landscapes

According to the faculty member requesting it, the series deals with
representative figures of the middle ages.

Nothing in Variety Video Directory.

Any leads?



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