Lynley Aldridge (
Fri, 10 May 1996 09:30:39 NZST

I will be in Washington for a couple of weeks from June 2nd as
part of a month long trip to the States. While this trip is annual
leave and heavily weighted towards sightseeing and time with
friends having travelled all the way from New Zealand it seems
an ideal opportunity to pay a quick visit to some counterparts.

I am the Audiovisual LIbrarian at Christchurch Polytechnic, Learning
Resource Centre. We have a community of about 20,000 students,
- mostly part-time - and 2,000 staff. We teach vocational courses
(trades) through to degrees in Nursing, Broadcasting, Japanese and
more being added each year. This is a fairly new direction.
I manage a collection of about 1500 videos.
We are a self-renewing style of library so our collection is aimed
at supporting the teaching being done now. Our cataloguing
system is Library of Congress. We practice participatory
management which allows us a wide range of experiences. We
are heavy computer users and offer a wide range of databases to
our students, multimedia, access to Reuters etc. We are
currently planning building extensions to include more computer
access for students - internet, tv, databases etc with 24 hr drop-in
computer suites (we currently have two suites available seven days
a week when the LRC is open). We have satelite branches and the
Polytechnic is branching out into distance education - all challenges
for the library.

I would love to hear from someone in a similar institution to compare
audiovisual services, computing services and library services and
technology generally. In the future I also have to recommend a
management system for our media arts slide collection - any tips
on that would be gratefully received. I'd love to visit Library of
Congress. I leave New Zealand on Friday 17th May so replies by
return mail would be most appreciated.

Lynley Aldridge
Audiovisual Librarian
Learning Resource Centre
Christchurch Polytechnic
P O Box 22095
New Zealand email -
fax - 64 3 3745346