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Thu, 9 May 1996 16:22:25 -0500

Even if you found them I doubt they would sell you a copy. The film is of
course not available in film or video in the US, though Malle said he
wanted to do a reissue before his death. I expect the only to get a copy is
to get a friend or collegue to buy a copy in France and sent it. I know
that faculty have been known to bring back tapes from overseas. It is to
say the least an interesting legal question since in the case of this film.
The legitimate rights holder has deliberately chosen not to release it on
video. I know one school that brings over titles from overseas, but only
will show an original copy on a multi-system player and will not transfer
to NTSC for fear of violating copywrite. In any case your best bet, if the
video is out in France is to get an individual to buy it for You.

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