Picnic at Hanging Rock/Bad Day at Black Rock

Philip Fryer (PDF@mailgate.loyola.edu)
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 12:42:32 -0400

Virginia Boyle, Institutional Video Sales rep. for Facets Multimedia has
given me the sad task of informing list members that she will no longer be
with Facets as of this week. Virginia is becoming a full-time graduate
student with a dissertation to complete in the coming year.

For those of you who have already acquired her wonderful compilation,
_Facets Non-Violent, Son-Sexist Children's Video Guide_ (ISBN
0-89733-420-5) or know of it, Virginia will be expanding this topic and
deepening her research as her thesis project. So we all have this to look
forward to in the near future.

I know we all wish her the very best and some of you may wish to call
Facets (at 312-929-5437, our dime this time) to say so long, farewell.
Virginia has played a huge part in Facet's justified prominence in our
field, and we can only wish Milos Stehlik enormous good luck in replacing

For my part, I'm going to drown my sorrows.

Philip Fryer
AV/Systems Librarian
Loyola/Notre Dame Library