Problems with dance videos

nanna (
Tue, 23 Apr 96 09:32:00 -0700

You were so helpful on my last query that I'm coming to you
with two more problems.

We purchased a film from Australia (Groote Eylandt Music and
Dance Films). The cassette fits into a standard VHS player but
needs to be played at a higher speed. Is this the Australian
standard or do we have a defective cassette?

We ordered a video entitled American Indian Dance Theatre :
Finding the Circle (Dance in America; Great Performances) for
which we found ample cataloging copy. We received a video
entitled American Indian Dance Theatre Dances for the New
Generations (also Dance in America; Great Performances).
The title appears in the video as well as on the box. I find no
cataloging copy for the second title. Both videos contain at least
some of the same dances. Has any one heard of the second
title? Are they the same?


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