Taiwanese videos

Becky Albitz (ALBITZR@elmer1.bobst.nyu.edu)
Fri, 12 Apr 1996 09:22:24 EST

Hi again:

It's been a busy morning! I am also looking for a source for older
Taiwanese feature films, three titles in particular:

Yan Yu Meng Meng (1965)
director, Yin Wang

Papa Can You Hear Me Sing (alternate title: Moonlight) (1983)
director, Kang Ping Yu

On the Waterfront (1975)
director, Bridget Lin

The person looking for these films has tried all of the local small
video stores, including those in all three Chinatowns here in NYC,
and at Kim's Video in particular. I have tried both OCLC and RLIN.
This is a long shot, but any suggestions? Thanks again!

Becky Albitz
New York University