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>I've had a patron request for "how to" videos on figure skating. I've found

>lots of "great performance" type things, but nothing that would teach.
>Am also looking for hockey how to's too.. :)


The only "how-to" ice skate I've ever had the pleasure of carrying came and
went very quickly about 2 years ago: "How To Ice Skate" with Tai Babilonia.
Vide-O-Go last distributed this title through Fries Home Video at $9.98, but
I can't get my hands on any more copies. Perhaps B&T or Ingram can dust off
a copy from their warehouse for you.

"Here's Howe!" is a terrific ice hockey series with specifics on skating,
defense, offense, goaltending, etc. I can dig out the specifics on the
series if you e-mail me directly (

Wishing you continued success...

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