Re: Films on Black cross cultural dialogues

Daniel Bickley (
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 16:42:33 -0700

>Hello out there. I'm looking for films preferably (videos
>are fine also) that deal with cross cultural dialogues. That is films
>that tackle black/African AMerican cross cultural issues- whether it be
>Black/Asian, Black/White, Black/Latino.
>Lorna Johnson
>Community Media Project
>University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee

We released last fall an excellent video, produced 1994-1995, titled
"Displaced in the New South," that I believe may work for you. It deals in
large part with the reactions of established Black and Anglo residents of
Georgia (in and around Atlanta) to the influx in recent years of Latino and
Asian immigrants.

"Displaced" has won a number of important awards and honors (National
Educational Film Festival; Latin American Studies Assoc.; San Francisco
Asian-American Film Festival, among others). Although its main focus is not
Black/Asian or Black/Latino relations, there are some excellent parts of it
that do deal with them.

If you'll send me directly your mailing address, I'll send you a brochure
with complete information on the work.

By the way, I don't know who distributes it, but I've seen a video titled
"The Color of Fear" that deals specifically with interracial dialogues
among a group of men. It might be perfect for your purpose.

Good luck!

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