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Tue, 09 Apr 1996 20:20:15 -0400

At 11:25 AM 4/9/96 -0700, the following was posted in the relayed MediaMall ad:
>One reaction we found worth reading was Grateful Dead
>lyricist and Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder, John Perry
>Barlow's, "Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace." It's positively
>provocative and draws a proverbial "line in the cyber-sand." You'll find
>it at:

Though I don't appreciate the humor in their calling themselves a mall and
then being self-congratulatory about not selling mere "things" (as opposed
to high-tech services, I suppose), I can at least applaud the transparency
of their hucksterism. (Read the 5 Mistakes essay to see exactly what I
mean.) However, the point to the Declaration is you're supposed to sign it.
You won't get that idea if you go to the above URL address. If you really
want to join the illustrious likes of Joe Bob Briggs and others in their
effort to keep the Net safe for tasteless effrontery and other vehicles of
free speech -- or if you just can't believe you've lived to see the day when
the word "annoy" has become acceptable legislative language -- go to
<URL:> and click under the Don't
Tread On Us flag. That and other links (like the Million Geek March), as
well as directions on how to make obscene gestures with Chinese food (that's
a joooooooke), are all on my CDA page:
<URL:>. There are no ads on the
page, and I promise not to get into a debate about anything on this list. I
just feel the need to clarify something already posted, so what the hey.
Both the Declaration and the 24 Hours page accept input from any country,
not just the US.

Jennifer Kramer