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I thought I sent something on this, but I am not sure it got through.
Anyway here is my take. The two tiered pricing is unfair. once a title is
available in the regular home video market no library or institution should
pay more than the retail price. However I disagree with Randy Pittman on
the more specializes titles. Many of the smaller titles really have no home
video market and the only way the companies that distribute them can stay
in business is to charge the high prices. My company does not handle this
type of film so I have no vested interest, but I know the economics on some
documentary on a Women's co-op in Peru. As for Public Performance Rights,
do not dismiss them so quickly, some
libraries DO NEED THEM. Increasingly colleges want to put films on cable
systems or program on campus. Also some Public libraries do want Public
Performance for in house programming. I agree that only libraries that want
them should have to pay for them, but some do want and need them.

In general it is not fair to lump Fanlight or Cinema Guild who do not
distribute in the home market, with Milestone or Kino which do. A clever
library should be able to avoid two tiered pricing, but do not assume that
all exspensive titles will someday be less in the home market. No company
can require a library to pay more for a title available for less in the
home market( by it yourself and be reimbursed if you have to), but you
should not assume that the more specialized titles can ever be sold cheaper
if the company is going to stay in business.

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